The Matrix : the bigger picture

Watching DVD 'Biggie & Tupac' a vision came to me, too large for me to see objectively, so I drew it. Then explained it.
What say you?

Easter truth

Well after watching some of 'Tupac and Biggie' the vision came of the whole structure, so large though that I couldn’t contain the thoughts in my my head to see it ; too many aspects joining it altogether was too much for my brain to see. I got a sheet of paper and decided to draw it. So I could see all aspects thus I did the drawing of each part until I couldn’t fit the vision in a picture; as I could only see it in 3D vision, but then I saw I could draw it with 3 dimensional aspects by putting further drawings coming off it. 

It unfolded before my eyes, the structure so large that too much information to comprehend and see. So I am going to try to give you the picture. First and then try to explain it in words, I feel all aspects of this evil system in place can be explained and understood from the bottom to the top via this picture and written comprehension; but it is new for me so may lack somewhere and need revising.

Here goes, the overall picture is of how the world is run. The ruling elite gain control by divide and rule principles, whilst they themselves unite to conquer. We are being surrounded by images that show they rule. The pyramid is the symbol for their structure (found on a dollar bill), uniting those at the top, using tools to influence, coerce and threaten those below. They use power and the human desire for it to control every aspect of our life’s . 

It is based on needs and structures are in place to control our beliefs, values and attitudes. Each having alternatives; controlled by them and this in turn is to aid the divide and rule principles. They support all opposing attitudes values and beliefs, adhering to none in truth, but appearing to all to follow one of the choices provided. 

Their belief system really is based on power and control.

This structure governed by the pyramid is dominant all over the world. Intrinsically placed within and over viewing all structures that interconnect via their puppeteers and puppets.

The pyramid from the top to the bottom is controlled via family bloodlines indoctrinated into this system from birth.

The use of negative energy is essential to their survival, for fear is the number one emotion used to control each member; directly or indirectly. I have indicated negative energy by using green, to enable the identification of it. 

The powers that be at the top of our system, decides what information is sent to the people who ever they may be; which the puppeteers and puppets put into place; via any medium available. For the western world this is music, TV, games etc. also via education; not only in schools but research, health care, social care providers etc.

Industries fund and influence via this means. This area I will call the psychological influence and have coloured it black.

The main tools used to control the population are sex, drugs and weapons.
Thus they control the making of and distribution of and also encourage the use of.

Regarding sex , such a powerful energy, they use everything they can to turn the energy negative, hence child abuse , degrading women and the sexual act itself.

This is the instrumental aspect and I coloured it red.

Conflict is encouraged from the top down to within the individuals, to divide every aspect of society . So that no unification can occur.

We may unite on one issue but further down the road we will conflict on something.

Even within a person they create divides. Which they create in a way that most people are unaware of.

They create what some would term ‘trauma based mind control slaves’. through trauma they have found ways to section off parts of a person, creating with their methods (research by Nazi) , different personalities (alters) within one body. Each personality can be ‘programmed’ to behave in a certain way; whilst being totally unaware that this has happened or that they have other personalities existing within them.

These are the puppets used in our system to influence others via music ,film ,TV etc.

There are also puppeteers , who are also puppets but have sold out to this system, and therefore can be used to control the puppets; ‘program’ them. To further the aims of their superiors‘. 

Although saying this some puppets are puppeteers in different personalities(alters), without even knowing they are puppets or puppeteers. The reward for being a puppeteer is power. 
So through the family structure these puppets and puppeteers are produced.

I believe Tupac and Biggie were puppets , set against each other, with ‘alters’ programmed to act the way they did. Friends yet enemies . Tupac seemed to have woken up , to something going on and tried to fight against it. This is handled by character assassination or assassination itself.
Which is avoided as many people do wake up or smell something just isn’t right. If they were to assassinate all it would draw too much attention to the fact, so usually the persons character is assassinated first.

The list is endless but in music industry examples are Lauryn Hill, Sinead O’Conner. Some conform like Kanye first sang ‘Jesus walks with him ‘ then he sung a different path. 
Latoya Jackson woke up , wrote the book and is portrayed as not right! Try find her book , Gone!

Michael Jackson woke up , tried to sing about it, ‘They don’t really care about us‘ and child abuse allegation , character assassination engulfed him. He may of abuse children he may not of known he did. But considering child abuse is their number one tool to traumatise and create a slaves; yet not get caught/charged (see Hollie Greig), I suggest he was set up to be caught; to show him conform or we have the power to destroy you. That was it !

So I’ve drawn the puppets with their split selves and the influences controlling them.

Not all people have been divided in such traumatic ways but still they are influenced by the same structures and concepts to think with, and face the barriers in place; to make sure they don’t cause disruption to the system. Where they do have an effect serves to highlights to the rulers where new systems need to be added. 

Some people are saying that the rulers have so much confidence regarding their systems in place that they are in a sense showing off. Consequently rubbing it in our faces via media’s like music and TV.
So people are waking up to something is going on, but is it too late?

Well, it would be if they were all that influenced the world. But I believe it isn’t. or we would have been finished long ago. No there are positive forces in the universe and beyond; which do effect humans . Yes they try to suppress our contact with that force ;surrounding us with negativity, but it still continues on in people , even those who are programmed slaves have receptiveness for positivity. 

They will put out theories that they are connected to other entities or planets etc,; to install further fear and feelings of futileness. But I don’t see it like that, or as I said we would have been finished long ago.

No , its an illusion of their creation. Hence my need to see 3D , to rise higher than the world to see objectively. Their system is like a computer program installed in our world. But it is not in the universe, they are just using universal laws against us. In and surrounding the world is positive energy, or at least some of the surrounding space is.

This positive energy is in all of us, for some small others larger. The positive energy in the world and universe is available to all, if they want to connect with it. Albeit negative structures are in place to try and prevent it. 

I coloured this purple and yellow; for there are probably many aspect to positive energy, but I personally don’t know what they are.
Only it makes logical sense for there to be. And people whom see energy in colour say purple or violet, white light or gold light. So I try to portray that.

The universe is greater than them , they portray the pyramid to be at the top but the universe is bigger than them.
So wake up people of the world, seek positive energy and see the structures for what is, and create positive change. By awareness we become a virus in their system program.

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21 December 2012

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