Mind Control, MK Ultra, 

In this section of the site I address Mind Control through the different pieces of work i have done on the topic. 

Here is a blog I previously wrote to explain Mind Control in simple terms

I cover what unraveled regarding her Mother being used as a baby breeder without awareness whilst being a professional singing artist

I cover an example of tactics used against her because she refused to 'sell her Soul'

How Crack alters are created and activated in un-ruley slaves

During the writting of these blogs I encountered moral delema's regarding what i could reveal and subsequently wrote to the Black Freemasons of my predicament,

I also cover aspect regarding Mind Control  and Racism here

I address how the british Care system is involved in the creating of Mind Control slaves here in

Then continuing on from my writtings on the case of the child who was used by the Paedophile ring hidden within te British Care system

Although these are individual cases I try to show how this all fits into the bugger picture in terms of the whole Matrix